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Why use a grass repellent cloth?

Now many farmer friends have used this kind of new anti-grass cloth, then, why strongly recommend the application of this kind of anti-grass cloth?

You tell me something about the traditional plastic film first, the vast majority of all ivory or fully transparent, like general packaging bags, thin shop is blocked in the fields of weeds growing, is because this kind of bags, the same breathable, weeds wu to the growth and development, but in addition, the root of crop in the soil are no gas can breathe in, Therefore, the growth and development of crops is not very abundant, and even crops will wither. To prevent this, farmers must occasionally tear the membrane to allow air to permeate the crops, which makes the weeds panic, an efficiency that is a bit low today.

Said in terms of traditional film again, is the same as packing bag is very easy to cause the white trash, some farmers friend meet bad can’t use the film will immediately turn in the grave, do bad effect is that of farmland nutrients become scarce, may not be very good to provide required nutrients, crop growth and development caused the farmland crops to leak; Naturally, the vast majority of farmers know that film cannot be dissolved, so they spend time and energy first picking rotten film out of the soil and replacing it.

Above is my basis in the countryside specific survey personal results, the following look at the new grass cloth recommended reasons:

Plantation road surface cover is new grass cloth, most are selected – colored, due to its light blocking film will be stronger than other colors, and the growth of the plants need the key elements of plant photosynthesis is to bask in the sun, not bask in the sun, weed in plant photosynthesis is bound to fade, and not like a plastic film, Anti-grass cloth due to hand woven will appear gap, air permeability and water absorption is strong, the actual effect is also very good in maintaining the soil layer wet level, after paving fixed fixed no longer need to go to the tube, the application of this kind of anti-grass cloth after weeds, the other crop production will also improve!

The new anti-grass cloth is made of new environment-friendly materials, biodegradable, in line with the current regulations of modern agriculture, and saves labor costs, which is why it is strongly recommended to many farmers. And, this kind of anti-grass cloth use time is longer, unlike plastic film application season can not be used again, anti-grass cloth can be several circulation system application (application of good conditions), the thicker the longer the use period, the maximum can do for eight years.

Post time: Jan-10-2022