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What are the benefits of using a weeding cloth?

Weeding cloth is a familiar thing to farmers. In recent years, it has been used in many places, because in addition to keeping the soil warm, weeding cloth actually has a wonderful function, that is, weeding. Next xiaobian will introduce what benefits weeding cloth brings when it is used?

Weeding cloth this product actually has many advantages, as a new type of environmental protection material has been the favor of the majority of users. It not only retains soil moisture when used, but also degrades itself in the field. We usually see fields, apple orchards, fruit orchards and other places are widely used.

Whether in China or abroad, it has become an important tool for weeding and suppressing weeds. The benefit is definitely saving a lot of manual weeding and fertilizer costs. Moreover, it can also conveniently solve some problems such as microorganism breeding and soil compaction. Really have to say is a very good thing, for the farmer uncle believe is very like it. Of course, there are many other advantages besides these. Here is also a brief description.

Weeding cloth has more advantages than one sentence can say. In addition, it can effectively control weeds. Also can block the sun, weeds want to grow is not good, after it saves the trouble of using herbicide insect control.

And weeding cloth can ensure crop root does not produce water, make the air of crop root has certain fluidity, won’t affect the water permeability of soil so, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of triumphant root. It can be seen that this kind of thing really helps farmers a lot, greatly reducing their workload.

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The above content is for you to introduce some of the benefits of weeding cloth in use, of course, there are a lot of other knowledge points, later will continue to tell the friends.

Post time: Dec-27-2021