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The big trend in weeding, why weeding cloth?

1. Control weeds in the orchard

Black garden weeding cloths keep the sun out of the ground and their sturdy structure ensures that the cloths keep weeds out of the ground. Especially in hilly and mountain orchards, the ground is not flat and there are many stones. Mulching, weeding and manual weeding are difficult to achieve. Weeding cloths have great advantages in controlling weeds. Many studies have shown that laying black horticultural weeding cloths between rows of orchards can almost completely control weed growth and has advantages over other chemical and non-chemical weeding methods.

2. Improve nutrient utilization

After placing the weeding cloth, retain soil moisture in the tree tray, increase the surface area of the plant roots, and enhance nutrient uptake.

3. Increase crop yields

By covering the garden with a weeding cloth between two rows of the orchard, soil moisture is maintained and nutrient availability is greatly improved, and fruit yields are guaranteed to increase. Studies have shown that covering with weeding cloths significantly increases the yield of Greek basil, rosemary and transplanted Brussels sprouts and broccoli. A similar conclusion was reached for fruit trees. After covering with herbicide, the nutrient content of apple leaves varied with the growing season. Tree vitality and yield were higher than those treated with no floor cloth.

4. Maintain soil moisture

Covering weeding cloth can prevent vertical evaporation of soil water, make water transversal migration, increase the resistance of water evaporation, and effectively inhibit the inefficient evaporation of soil water. Weeding mulch not only controls weeds, but also reduces evaporation and increases soil moisture.

Post time: Oct-26-2021