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Principle of anti-grass cloth

The anti-grass cloth is made of black and green plastic flat silk woven with interlaced teeth and anti-ultraviolet function. It can effectively block the sunlight to the weeds under the anti-grass cloth, so that weeds can not carry out photosynthesis, and then restrain the growth of weeds; The stable structure of anti-grass cloth prevents plant roots from drilling out of the ground, protects plant roots, and prevents insects and small animals from harming plants; Anti grass cloth permeability is good, so that the root of the air has a certain liquidity, water seepage fast, can timely clean the water near the root of the plant, to prevent the root of the plant pedantic.

Anti-grass cloth is a new product developed in modern times, mainly made of polypropylene or polyester fiber as raw materials, to participate in some auxiliary agents, non-toxic, non-combustion-supporting, make its function more stable. It needs to be processed, made into bags, with excellent uv resistance, corrosion resistance, non-degradation and other significant benefits. It can be widely used in beautification projects, such as mine correction, river embankment beautification, river beautification, highway beautification and so on. It has great practical value.

Orchard weed removal, for farmers is a very painful work, too tired to start weeding, hire people and not low wages. The calculation of ecological grass cloth can broad NongYou troubleshoot, ecology anti grass cloth is made non-woven fabrics made in the environmental protection material, Europe and the United States and other developed countries has been in use the ecological grass cloth, it has obvious benefits: 1, air permeable, excellent waterproof work can use the water soluble fertilizer ShangFei directly, and can in a timely manner to clean the water on the ground, insist on the floor clean. Good air permeability can adhere to the normal respiration of soil, will not cause plants to burn roots. 2, non-toxic harmless, can be degraded: does not contain heavy metals and other harmful substances, will not poison the soil. Also according to the use of time to add anti-aging agent adjustment may delay the degradation time, reduce the use of cost.


Post time: Nov-08-2021